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Storm damage

Bristol, VA Storm Damage Repair

Year round, strong weather appears in several various forms. From flooding to ice, if you call VA home or anywhere in the South, strong storms are nothing new. If your home or business takes on severe damage during a storm, it is sometimes difficult to know what to do next. Paul Davis Restoration & Remodeling of Greater Tri Cities work hard to help you rebuild storm damage around your home or business when harsh storms strike.

Affordable Storm Damage Repair Quote

Paul Davis Restoration & Remodeling of Greater Tri Cities specialists are experienced with handling those confusing days after inclement weather throughout Bristol. Our staff is ready to deliver fair and accurate estimates for damage from any kind of storm. These estimates include the total time and money the maintenance and restoration. You can depend on Paul Davis, whether you need roof repair or replacement windows. Always fully qualified, our staff is ready to take care of whatever Mother Nature throws at us. Furthermore, we collaborate with you during the insurance claims process, to ensure you get the reimbursement you deserve.

What We Do

Roof Restoration

In the case of high winds, torrential rain or dangerous debris, your roof may take on significant damage from a storm. The roofing contractors with Paul Davis in Bristol are always prepared to replace shingles or entire roofs. We work quickly and efficiently to make your roof look like new.

Damage from High Winds

Whether from a intense tornado or hurricane, wind can be a serious force of nature. After a storm, you might discover damage such as ripped siding, littered debris or removed shingles.

Electrical Repairs

Everybody needs electricity to stay warm, cook food and stay entertained. Unfortunately, your wiring is weak against strong winds, rain and flying debris. With a fleet of specialists on our side, Paul Davis Restoration will send assistance for rewiring at any point after a storm.


Storms can be powerful enough to level entire buildings. If your home or business is wrecked by a hurricane or tornado, Our team offers structural stabilization to rebuild your home. Whatever the size of the damage, we will restore your home or business.

We also offer water and mold damage elimination services.

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